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Shanghai Naigao Valve Co., Ltd. covers an area of 8,866 square meters and a construction area of 17,000 square meters. The company has more than 180 employees, including 15 engineering and technical personnel (1 senior engineer, 8 mid-level titles), and has technical management, production, marketing, quality inspection, financial management and other enterprise management institutions. The company has numerically controlled cold working equipment and computer-controlled hot working equipment, chemical composition analysis laboratory, and complete mechanical property testing equipment (universal material testing machine WES-300, pendulum bell type impact testing machine JBN-300, Browell optical hardness tester HBRYU -187.5, Leeb hardness tester HLN-11A, metallographic microscope 4 × B4 × 1 spectroscope WX-5, light load Vickers hardness tester HV-5, ultrasonic thickness gauge TT100, multi-purpose magnetic particle flaw detector CYD- 5000, X-ray flaw detector XXC-305 / C, ultrasonic flaw detector PFUT260), hot and cold processing equipment.

The company's main products are: high-temperature and high-pressure power station valves, pipeline ball valves, flat gate valves, butterfly valves, API valves, gate valves, globe valves, ball valves, check valves, regulating valves and other more than 20 varieties, more than 120 series of nearly 1,000 specifications. High and medium pressure valve products. Among them, the ball valve products are trusted by the city. The flat gate valve has won the title of national key new product and is a famous and superior technology product in Zhejiang ...

Manual high temperature and high pressure forged steel globe valve

Manual Anti-Scour Globe Valve

Stainless steel swing check valve

Lift check valve

Stainless steel vertical check valve

Pneumatic Triple Eccentric Hard Seal Butterfly Valve

Fire signal butterfly valve

Stainless steel fixed ball valve

Pneumatic three-way ball valve

GB Forged Steel Flange Globe Valve

Stainless steel low temperature gate valve

High temperature and high pressure electric gate valve

Electric forged gate valve

Vacuum gate valve

High temperature and high pressure Y-type globe valve

  • Sep2019
    The valve adopts a throttling cage structure, which has the characteristics of strong erosion resistance, easy operation, long service life, removable internal parts, and low maintenance costs.
  • Sep2019
    In industrial systems, because the operating data of actuators or valves cannot be provided directly and is often difficult to obtain, valve monitoring, control and maintenance is a difficult task ...
  • Aug2019
    In this application, high-temperature main steam (high pressure / medium pressure / low pressure) is bypassed to the atmosphere, and when the waste heat boiler starts to ignite, the pressure and temperature rise to a certain point. Due to the full pressure differential of the control valve, the valve and downstream pipelines will generate high noise and high vibration
  • Aug2019
    twenty four
    As the desalination project has great development potential and market prospects, although it only accounts for a fraction of the total sales of industrial valves, the demand for valves in the desalination industry is indeed growing. This is a major business opportunity for manufacturers of corrosion-resistant fluid control equipment ...
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